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Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international multidisciplinary journal with the aim to support researchers, scholars, teachers, and students in publishing their poverty-focused work in a scientific venue. Journal ASAP is published under the ISSN 2690-3458 (electronic edition)
and ISSN 2690-3431 (print edition) by Academics Stand Against Poverty, a non-profit organization based in United States (EIN # 32-0324998). Journal ASAP aims to connect academics from diverse disciplines toward collaborative work on poverty and its eradication. To ensure the significance and high quality of published contributions, Journal ASAP relies on a wide network of poverty-focused experts who serve on its editorial board or as reviewers. We are cordially inviting authors to submit their manuscripts for the first volume of 2021. It will contain two issues, due to appear in mid and late 2021, respectively. Information about the different kinds of welcomed contributions can be found under the tab Submission Guidelines and on the following pages. There are no submission, processing, or publication fees, nor any charges for reading Journal ASAP. We aim to make first decisions on submissions within four weeks. For more details, please visit the Journal ASAP website (

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